Disconnect between theory and practice EDDL5141

I am acutely aware that as the facilitator of this course, I have not been enacting the COI framework.  It is the first time this course has been offered and the first time I have facilitated it.  I do teach similar courses in other contexts.

It is always my intention to ensure social, teaching, and cognitive presence whenever I teach.  Because this is a pre designed course, I do not have much agency to make changes.  Teaching presence has been established by the course designer.  Cognitive presence has mostly been in the form of giving instructions and making adjustments. I have done little to lend my knowledge around facilitating online learning.  I am cognizant of this.  Social presence has also been weak on my part.  With three sites, I have been challenged to create a reciprocal communication system.  I apologize for this also.

I would appreciate any feedback you have for me, please send me an email or a Moodle message to share your insights.  I appreciate your patience’s and I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards, be safe,


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