EDDL 5111 Developer’s blog post #3 – Winter 2023

I find it interesting to reflect on the connections between my own perspective on teaching and the way I use technology in the classroom. I’ve done the TPI several times over several years, and my strongest result is always in Apprenticeship. At this point, Development is a close second. I feel this very much does reflect the way I like to teach: coaching learners from my position of experience while encouraging them to try things and think critically as they do. I think as someone with more experience, I also learn from those who are newer in the field. Education is so much based on context! I’ve taught and learned in specific contexts, and it is fascinating for me to hear about how things work in other contexts.

So, how do my beliefs about teaching and learning influence my use of technology? Honestly, it is complicated. There are so many technologies available, and like everyone, I’ve only used a few. In the classic apprenticeship model, I would be able to guide everyone in their use of whatever technology they selected, and that is obviously impossible! What I can do is guide people in their selection of technology. I think it is really important to choose technology that does what you want it to do and works within the educational parameters where you are situated. The apprenticeship that I can offer if an apprenticeship in thinking critically about technology and how it can be best used in a particular context with particular ends in mind.

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