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    The Graduate Certificate in Online Teaching and Learning (EDDL) is designed and developed by TRU Open Learning in collaboration with the TRU School of Education.

  • TRU Graduate Certificate

    This certificate is designed to provide educators with a solid foundation in the technical and pedagogical expertise required to effectively use education technology in the classroom, in distributed learning environments and in online education.

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    Corrie Laughlin

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What's Happening?

  • Junxiang's Portfolio

    Junxiang’s Portfolio

    Together, learning is happening.

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    Chloe Bowra's Portfolio

    Chloe Bowra’s Portfolio

    My EDDL 5101 Portfolio

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    Jennifer Meunier’s Portfolio

    Jennifer Meunier’s Portfolio

    Jennifer Meunier EDDL 5101 (Fall 2020)

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    Erika Kirkpatrick’s Portfolio

    Erika Kirkpatrick’s Portfolio

    Welcome to my EDDL Portfolio. I look forward to learning from others and creating a positive learning space.

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