Section 1 – Background to Educational Design – Winter 2023

For the first three weeks of this course we will be exploring some theoretical and practical ideas around educational or learning design. We often make design choices intuitively based on our past experience, either as learners or teachers, and in response to our specific context. Considerations of the learner context and audience, our educational philosophy, worldview, discipline, and a myriad of other factors will all influence how we envision our learning and teaching spaces. As this course is particularly focused on designing for education with using technologies, our perceptions and considerations of incorporating learning technologies into design will be at the forefront of our explorations. We will begin by exploring the different modalities that we are likely to encounter, discuss how congruence fits within design, and conclude with revisiting educational theory. At the end of this section you will be asked to develop and/or reconsider your philosophy of teaching and learning in a Technology Enhance Learning environment.


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