Portfolio: Alice’s EDDL 5141 Winter 2024 Portfolio

Alice’s EDDL 5141 Winter 2024 Portfolio
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Hey there! I’m Alice, a passionate emergency nurse who is currently pursuing a master’s degree to deepen my knowledge of nursing. My journey in healthcare started during my undergrad days when in-person training was the norm. However, with the shift towards online training facilitated by institutions like TRU, I have embraced the digital landscape for work and education. This has opened up new learning opportunities and allowed me to adapt and thrive in the ever-evolving healthcare landscape. I am committed to continuously enhancing my skills and knowledge to provide the best possible care in emergency nursing. I believe in merging the wisdom gained from traditional in-person training with the efficiency and innovation of online education to stay ahead of the curve. Through this, I aim to significantly impact the healthcare industry and provide top-notch care to my patients.

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