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I am a high school math teacher that took a chance on a grade 3 DL year.

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Al-Mubaid, H. (2014). A New Method for Promoting Critical Thinking in Online Education. Internation […] See MoreAnnotated Bibliography

But are they thinking?

Spending this year in grade 3 has really opened my eyes to the lack of mathematic skills that […] See MoreBut are they thinking?

Can we play games?

My name is Chelsea Kiddine, I am 30 years old and honored to be a mother, wife, and teacher.  In […] See MoreCan we play games?

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Chelsea, this sounds like fascinating research! I'm curious to see your specific strategies for […] See More

Wow, Chelsea, you have had a busy start – 36 little grade 3s are not for the faint-hearted! K […] See More

I love how you prioritize yourself and your family before your job. That is hard to do in this […] See More