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Assignment 3 - Exploring Digital Solutions

Hey Everyone, Here is my presentation for EDDL 5101 Assignment 3. If the video is not working […] See MoreAssignment 3 - Exploring Digital Solutions

Thoughts on Video Conferencing

Over the week, Kira and I were able to connect over Zoom video chat. During our chat we talked […] See MoreThoughts on Video Conferencing

Initial Tool Choices

For my Technology Integration Project, I am working on finding new ways to help combat the […] See MoreInitial Tool Choices

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HI Matt, You do have a problem to solve don't you. Can you video yourself performing the […] See More

Hey Erika, Yes. PE was and still is the best, for some. Recess and then maybe lunch for others. […] See More

Hey Eilidh, Thanks for your comment here. I think far more students are taking this route […] See More