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Sue King
I hail from the beautiful East Coast region of sunny South Africa, and now reside in the Vancouver area of the Lower Mainland, B.C.
Where do you work?
I am a Grade 4 teacher at a small independent school where I have been teaching for the past 13 years. Prior to that, I have 17 years experience teaching classes ranging from K to 3 In South Africa, as well as Intermediate art classes.
I am happily married with 2 busy teenagers (or should I say, young adults) who are both at university, and a newly recruited pandemic pup that keeps me on my toes.
For the past 7 years, my Grade 4 class has been paperless, as we switched over to 1-1 devices. It has been a journey of learning and discovery with regards to technical issues, work flow delivery, and the choice of media / platforms that provide the best learning experience for this age group. I am hoping to gain further knowledge as to how others are using technology and different media in their teaching, so that I can experiment with new ideas in my classroom.


EDDL 5151: Man­ag­ing Your Tech­nol­ogy Class­room – Sum­mer 2021

EDDL 5151: Man­ag­ing Your Tech­nol­ogy Class­room – Sum­mer 2021

EDDL 5151: Managing Your Technology Classroom – Summer 2021 Participants will explore a variety of methodologies, tools and technologies to enhance teaching and learning in their specific educational context. They will engage in critical discourse about the use of information technology in a number of different educational settings, evaluate the resources available to them, and develop strategies to make the most effective use of those resources for themselves and their students.


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