Course: EDDL 5141 Online Teaching and Learning – Winter 2020

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EDDL 5141 Online Teaching and Learning – Winter 2020
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Winter 2020
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EDDL 5141: Online Teaching and Learning Course Modules – Winter 2020

This online, applied course is designed to provide educators with knowledge, skills and experience in implementing educational technology into a pedagogically sound learning environment. EDDL 5141 is designed to provide instructors with a basic introduction to the theory and practice of online teaching and learning and to develop the skills and strategies needed to facilitate courses in an online environment. Participants will reflect on their experiences as online learners to help develop their own philosophy of online teaching and learning. Using their philosophy, they will plan and conduct an online learning activity that they will facilitate for their fellow participants. Emphasis will be placed on student engagement and motivation, creating collaborative and interactive experiences and gaining practical experience. The course format will be an online seminar that models the development of learning communities. Participants will be directed to readings about current issues that they will discuss online and they will provide feedback to their fellow learners about their online facilitation experiences.

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