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Week 9- Activity 7

The Peloponnesian Wars were fought between the Greek city-states of Athens and Sparta, and their […] See MoreWeek 9- Activity 7

Week 8- Activity 6

For this activity I created a five minute synopsis of the conquests of Alexander of Macedon, and […] See MoreWeek 8- Activity 6

Week 8- Activity 3: Recording and Editing Audio

For this clip I chose to record myself reading a short poem by A.A. Milne entitled Halfway Down. […] See MoreWeek 8- Activity 3: Recording and Editing Audio

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Hi Paul, We are similar in our student media project in that we are both creating podcast […] See More

Hi Paul, This is a good text design for the moose content. The blurb after a header in italics […] See More

What a great presentation! I'll do my best to attend on February 15th to support your team. I'm […] See More