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Hello all! My name is Paul Bienvenu and I am a principal of an independent school in the Okanagan Valley of British Columbia. Since my undergraduate degree in education, I have been interested in educational media, and have since spent time creating videos, texts, podcasts and stop motion animations to support my teaching practice. That being said, while I am a digital native, I still have a lot to learn. I hope that EDDL 5131 helps me to continue to grow in my understanding of how to make use of educational media, and provides some ideas about how to create, locate and use media in my own practice. I have always been a big fan of using audio files within my teaching practice and have lately been diving into one new (to me) podcast after another. If you are interested in a podcast that I find informative and fun, check out The Rest is History Podcast here: https://shows.acast.com/the-rest-is-history-podcast


EDDL 5131_ON2 – Designing Multimedia for Curriculum (Winter 2023 Webster)

EDDL 5131_ON2 – Designing Multimedia for Curriculum (Winter 2023 Webster)

EDDL 5131: Designing Multimedia for Curriculum (Winter 2023 Webster) This course is designed to introduce educators, and thus their students, to computer and web-based multimedia tools such as text, video, audio and digital photographs and graphics. There will be an emphasis not only on how to use the tools, but also on sound pedagogical practice to promote teaching and learning. Students in this course will learn how to identify, select, plan for, create, and integrate multimedia into instruction and have their students do the same in activities such as reports, digital story-telling, and portfolios.


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