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Hannah Winsnes’ Portfolio

Welcome to my Blog!

Verundeep Sidhu’s Portfolio

Hi, I’m Verundeep! I’m a registered psychiatric nurse working full time on an acute concurrent disorders unit. I’m currently in the full-time master’s of nursing program at TRU with a focus on education. I hope […]

Alice’s EDDL 5141 Winter 2024 Portfolio

Hey there! I’m Alice, a passionate emergency nurse who is currently pursuing a master’s degree to deepen my knowledge of nursing. My journey in healthcare started during my undergrad days when in-person training […]

Jasmine Jagpal Balson’s Portfolio

Jasmine Jagpal Balson’s Portfolio

This is a portfolio for EDDL 5101.

glammie’s Portfolio

glammie’s Portfolio

EDDL 5111 Portfolio

Geoff Johnson’s Portfolio

EDDL 5131

Jason Fech’s Portfolio

Jason Fech’s Portfolio

ePortfolio for EDDL5111: Intro to Distributed Learning

Sarah Letourneau’s Portfolio

I’m a grade 4/5 teacher located in the Okanagan. This is my portfolio.

cbinkley’s Portfolio

Chwen’s EDDL 5131 Course

Kate-Nicola’s Portfolio

Welcome to my portfolio for EDDL courses.

Ravi Mehan’s Portfolio

Ravi Mehan’s Portfolio

Educator and Coach EDDL 5131

Paul Bienvenu’s Portfolio

Welcome to the EDDL 5131 Portfolio of Paul Bienvenu.