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Hamilton, Ontario
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McMaster University
My name is Chwen Binkley. I have a background in food and nutrition. Currently I work as a research dietitian at McMaster University. Over the past few years, I was involved in a number of research projects and have published two studies in a peer review journal, primarily in the area of nutrition. I taught two semesters of Community Nutrition course at Brescia University (London, Ontario) a few years ago. I am also a certified ESL instructor and have been working as an ESL supply instructor at a local school board for over a year.
personal development, hiking, resistant training, traveling, and reading.


EDDL 5131_ON2 – Designing Multimedia for Curriculum (Winter 2023 Webster)

EDDL 5131_ON2 – Designing Multimedia for Curriculum (Winter 2023 Webster)

EDDL 5131: Designing Multimedia for Curriculum (Winter 2023 Webster) This course is designed to introduce educators, and thus their students, to computer and web-based multimedia tools such as text, video, audio and digital photographs and graphics. There will be an emphasis not only on how to use the tools, but also on sound pedagogical practice to promote teaching and learning. Students in this course will learn how to identify, select, plan for, create, and integrate multimedia into instruction and have their students do the same in activities such as reports, digital story-telling, and portfolios.


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